Maintenance teams have relied on paper work orders for decades.
But times are changing, so you should learn the benefits of using Learnjet©
Now, the benefits of going paperless are becoming more common in the
maintenance world, thanks to Learnjet© software and its ability to make digital
storage easy and more convenient.

New Work Flows
Going paperless wasn’t the main goal of Paul’s maintenance department. But after
integrating Learnjet©, he realized it was possible…
Paul’s Learnjet© kept track of all the things that used to be stored on paper
somewhere, like a filing cabinet or a bookshelf. This information included work
orders, repair history, user manuals, reports, vendor documents, and other key data
like the knowledge of the technicians. A knowledge-management- system was born!

New Technology
One thing that has made this transition possible is Learnjet©´s high performance and
save cloud technology.
“We host our Learnjet in the cloud,” Paul said. “That makes it possible for our techs to
access it in the field. Plus, our backups and system updates are automated, thanks to
Learnjet© Hosting Services. I don’t have to worry about it.”
Paul see the benefits of moving towards a paperless maintenance department,

  • Knowledge and transfer of know-how
  • 100% ISO 9001:2015 compliant
  • Less chance of lost or missing documents
  • Lower printing and admin costs
  • Better sharing capability qand knowledge
  • Quicker access to important information
  • Less time spent searching for documents

“It was a very natural process after we implement Learnjet©” Paul explained. “We
were able to gradually make changes in our workflows because it was more efficient.
And a lot of that increased productivity was the result of storing data in one place”.
Are you thinking of going paperless, or moving in that direction? Have you already
done it?
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